Staying the course as the school year ends

Nicholas Dolak

As many of you know, the school year is beginning to wind down. We are currently in our fourth nine weeks of the 2018-2019 school year, and it has gone by quickly. While many of us are excited for summer to come and to be out of school, it is important to remember to keep our school work a priority as more times than not we typically make our work less of a priority as the year winds down.

As the year comes closer to its end date, we have many different events going on, specifically spring break, which has come upon us rapidly.  In years past,  many of us have had lower grades during the fourth nine weeks just because we are mentally ready for summer. However, it is very important to keep going forward academically because if we let our grades go down our entire GPA could be affected, ruining our hard work throughout the year. This could affect one’s chances of getting into college or getting a well-paid career.

Additionally, there are also ways to hold the students’ interest. For example, one way could be reversing roles with the student becoming the teacher.  Another way could be doing more “hands on” projects that prepare the students for the end of year exam.

Speaking of exams, the end of year exams are the other reason why students should not slack off at the end of the school year.  Your exams could make or break your grade for you valued at 10% of your overall grade, which is very important. Sometimes, people who haven’t done well during the school year must rely on doing well on their exams in order to pass the school year. Overall, the last nine weeks may be tiresome… but it is important to keep on going towards the path of success!