Lady Jays Softball 2019


Lynzi Satterlee, Camryn Mitchell, Katie Mitchell, Dana Saunders, and Logan Grunder

Spencer Christopher

The varsity softball team is working hard this year and learning a great deal with their new coaches. The coaches for the 2019 season are Coach Bettura and Coach Ciccolleli.

There have been a few game cancellations due to the weather.  In their first game the Lady Jays beat JFK 27-1.  They experienced 2 losses to Southeast and Mcdonald.  The last game they had was against Mcdonald and it was at home. The game was very intense they were tied most of the game, the score was 3-3 and then the other team finally scored a point, the Jays lost 4-3 in this nail-biter of a game. The coaches were really excited for the girls because they worked really hard and they never gave up.

Abby Spalding stated, “I believe that we have a very strong, young team who is completely capable of having a great season. We just need to pick our heads up and have confidence in ourselves and each other!”

Coach Bettura states, “The girls are getting better and better as the season goes on.”

Coach Ciccolelli states, “The girls are picking up their heads and not giving up.”

They said they are so proud of the girls because they see a big difference every game they play. 

2019 Jackson-Milton varsity softball is having a good season their overall record so far is 6-6.

Saturday April 13 the Lady Jays played a double header against Sebring @ Springfield. The Lady Jays were falling behind on the first game with a losing score and then tying it up in the 7th inning making a come back scoring an extra run to win the first game. The Jays really stepped up their game in that seventh inning to get the win.

Head coach Tricia Bettura stated, “The way we played in that seventh inning is how we should start and finish every game.”

Going into the second game the Jays were pumped and ready for another win. Spencer Christopher started the game pitching and had 13 strike outs and only allowed two runs. Offensively, the Lady Jays had thirteen hits with Megan Fultz, Lynzi Satterlee and, Taylor Sahli all having three hits.

Assistant Coach Ciccolelli stated, “We are all working very hard and having fun at the same time, we believe in all of them so much.”

Jackson-Miltons varsity softball recently ended their season in the second game of the tournament with a loss against McDonald.   The Lady Jays swept away Sebring with a score of 10-0. Spencer Christopher pitched a great game only allowing one hit, 6 strikeouts over five innings.

Spencer states, “I was excited for this game and I was so happy that I pitched well for it.”  This was a great game for the Lady Jays since it was the first game of the tournament. Playing in the tournaments means if you lose then your season is over. After losing the second game, it was a very sad day for the Lady Jays and their two seniors Taylor Sahli and, Jordan Stratton who helped the team out so much.

Jordan Stratton states, “We worked our hearts out this year, there was a lot of ups and downs with the team but we still worked together.”

This was a whole different season for the Lady Jays while transitioning with new coaches. The change was hard but the girls pulled through and enjoyed every bit of their season. The overall record was 9-14 and they are looking forward to next season!