Spanish Club participates in Pulsera Project

Brianna Shannon

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At the Jackson-Milton High School the Spanish Club members were selling Pulseras (Colorful weaved bracelets) to help out the artisans of Nicaragua.  This project is called ‘The Pulsera Project.’

This fundraiser raises money that the artisans can’t collect in their area as much as they do across the United States.  These bracelets are being sold for $6.00 each and all the proceeds are going back to the artisans who’ve made them. You can purchase a pulsera at any lunch period at the Jackson-Milton High School.  The Spanish Club is in charge of the program while it’s being held at the school.

Gianna Arquilla, a member of the Jackson-Milton Spanish Club, has stated, “I love doing this project, it’s unique and the bracelets are so cute with all the different designs.  Definitely worth getting on or maybe even a few.”

Many of the staff and students agree with Gianna’s statement. This fundraiser is a good learning experience that students can help out other areas in the world, even if it is just selling bracelets, it’s making a difference.

For more information on The Pulsera Project, click on the link below: