Spring Fling is around the corner

Rochelle Morelli

Camryn Mitchell

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Jackson-Milton High School hosts the annual Spring Fling every year. Grades 8-12 have a volleyball game every year to kick off their spring break. 8th graders play the freshman, sophomores play the juniors, and the seniors play the staff. The Spring Fling volleyball game will take place in the afternoon on April 18th, the last day of classes before spring break kicks off.

Shirts are sold every year for every grade attending, each grade is color coded for the game. Students can purchase shirts and play in the game.  Students have to pay to attend the event or will attend a silent study hall. Students of every grade can attend but only students, grades 8-12 can participate in the playing of the volleyball game.

Previous spring fling participant, sophomore Logan Grunder says, “It is a great way to get all of the students of Jackson-Milton together before spring break, it is a good way to unwind from all the state testing many weeks before the event. The game is fun for students of all ages and it is very cheap to attend the game. It is very fun to play in the game and be surrounded by all your friends and peers.”

Another previous participant, sophomore Dana Saunders states, “I have participated in the Spring Fling every year, it is fun to play the game with my friends and also to get new shirts. The shirts are always fun and decorative and you can wear them year-round. Not many schools participate in this tradition and I am very proud to be a part of Jackson Milton. I think the spring fling is a great way for students and staff to relax before spring break. It is a great way to relax after all the hard state testing the weeks before.”

Be sure to order your shirts and practice!