Camp Fitch crew enjoys their 2019 adventure


Nicolai Scandy

The YMCA Camp Fitch up in North Springfield, Pennsylvania is a super fun and friendly place that makes you feel right at home. Sitting right on Lake Erie, you can go do lots of adventurous stuff with with you group and camp counselor such as go search for washed up items such as really cool rocks or even some wild or weird shaped driftwood.

Jackson-Milton student Nicolai Scandy stated, “I went in summer 16’ and had an absolute blast, we played water games, went sailing, learned survival and even got walk miles down to a rural beach through the woods where we found some really cool rocks. I loved it.”

Jackson-Milton school district is really lucky they can send their entire 5th grade class along with some seniors. However, they are not going out on a summer vacation. This group of students actually just went in approximately 5 inches of snow and 20-25 degree weather. These students were trotting through the snow with smiles on their faces knowing they were safe and comfortable with the Jackson-Milton staff along with Camp Fitch and their family-like atmosphere for everyone who walks into their doors.  

From March 6-8 Jackson-Milton 5th grade and some high school counselors enjoyed Camp Fitch. Ashley Cameron, Chloe Clear, Mackenzie Grope, Taylor Sahli, Sydney Miller-Snyder, Jessica Lanham, Evan Mitchell, David Vega, Bryce Davis, Dyllen Gibbs, Jeremy Seka, and Austin Caroline all had the chance to attend.

Sydney Miller-Snyder stated, “I had a fun experience and learned a lot about nature.”