NHS Inducts new members for 2019-20


Lynzi Satterlee

On March 5, 2019 Jackson-Milton High School had their annual National Honor Society Introduction ceremony. The induction is introducing new junior and senior members to NHS by current senior members, there are 8 currents senior members which are, Elena Jones, Ashley Cameron (treasurer), Chloe Clear, David Vega (president), Mackenzie Grope (secretary), Tim Adam and, Grace Assion (vice president).

New senior members are, Jessica Lanham, Austin Caroline and, Sydney Miller Snyder.

New junior members are, Katie Mitchell, Grace McDevitt, Bailey Estes, Kent Gross, Rachel Lanham, Kaylie Carson, Michael Liberato, Julia Bogdon, Alyssa Deak, Cameron Perry and, Gianna Arquilla.

Next year as seniors Katie Mitchell will be the new NHS president, Bailey Estes will be treasurer, Michael Liberato will be vice president and Gianna Arquilla will be the secretary.

The adviser of NHS is Mrs. Reyes and she holds the ceremonies each year. Mrs. Reyes states, “It is all student lead, and I play a very little role in this.” She also states, “It’s good to have the kids keep passing down the tradition.” 

They are all very excited to be a part of an important role in the school. And congratulations to the newest members of NHS.