Movie Review: 2018 Grinch


Rochelle Morelli

Brianna Shannon

‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ is a classic Christmas movie that almost everyone knows.  It’s known for being unique and not the same as all the typical Santa Clause movies, this one is based on ruining Christmas.  Instead of being happy for the holiday, the Grinch has an extreme hate for this time of year when joy is in the air.

The original movie became such a popular and successful movie that they recreated it this year, 2018.  The difference is that the new one is an animated version instead of actual actors playing in roles. There are many similarities and differences in both the movies about `The Grinch.`

The setting stays the same in ‘Who Ville’ as well as the main characters names and reasoning for being in the story.  The only differences I spotted was the animation, songs, and the ending played out a little different. The story line for the new version also portrays the mother as working through a difficult role without her husband.

Stephanie Weidenthal watched “The Grinch” with her four kids at Tinseltown once it came out. Stephanie stated, “The movie was very good and kid friendly, although my daughter got emotional and connected to the story, definitely a good pick to take your kids to see.”  

The newer and original version are both very good family movies to watch around the time of the holidays. They both have similarities and differences throughout the movie but give off the same message to the viewers.