Jays Baseball


Courtney Mercer

The Jackson-Milton baseball team has had an outstanding season the past few years.  Losing 6 seniors, the boys have put in long and hard hours and have trained for this season.  Many underclassmen had to step up to fill the positions of former players. The Blue Jays record is 7-5 currently into the season.  Their upcoming game against Springfield which is the number one team in their division is going to be a tough game for the Blue Jays.  

Senior Sebastian Lay says, “It’ll be a big game and I think we are ready to play a good big team like this. It’s one vs two in the league tonight.” 

 Taking on the Springfield Tigers tonight, the Blue Jays will go and defeat the tigers on their home field at 5 o’clock. This will be a big game for the Blue Jays because it is important for them to win so they can eventually win the league.  Their next game is also part of their league and they will have to come prepared to win against Springfield. Their game will be away on Springfield’s field. The boys have put in a lot of time and effort for this game, they just need to come play