2nd Annual Butter Battle Day


Michaelina Terranova

On March 2, 2018 the high school students from Mrs. Barnes cooking class traveled to the elementary school to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday with Ms. Tomaino’s first grade class. Every class at the elementary school celebrated and had fun while doing so. The children got to dress up and celebrate such a fun person and author. This was the second year the high school has came to elementary to celebrate Dr. Seuss day with the first graders.

The high school students came over and a few read “The Butter Battle Book” to the kids while the rest of the high school students prepared the bread and the jars of butter. Some of the readers included the following: Addie Devite, Josh Spalding, Jacob Cline, Leona Stout, Brooklyn Gallant, Kobie Southwick, and Michaelina Terranova. Once all of the reading was done, each table got a mason jar to shake and make butter.

Senior Brooklyn Gallant said, “I believe it was a fun experience for the kids because they were all excited about Dr. Seuss week. I think us going down and reading to them brought the week to life almost. Plus they got food and that always makes them happy.”

The Mahoning County Educational Service Center, or the MCESC, sent a representative to the elementary school to document pictures of the first graders celebrating with all of the high school students.

Mrs. Barnes, the Home Economics teacher, was excited for the day and to top it off she said, “It was a toast to Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!”