Literacy Night at JMES



Allyssa Simmers

On March 7, 2018, the staff of Jackson-Milton Elementary held a Family Literacy Night.  Kindergarten through third grade teachers hosted the Literacy Night. 143 people attended, including the students from kindergarten through third grade and their families.  

These attendees had the opportunity to visit several different classrooms to do penguin-related activities. These activities included arts, research on penguins, fishing facts, a webquest, and word activities.  There was also a ticket raffle amongst the families that chose to participate. Some of the teachers that were involved include Mrs. Rotuna, Miss. McDougal, Mrs. Prozy, Mrs. Clementi, and Miss. Malmfeldt. The overall turn out of 143 guests made for a very successful Literacy Night and the Jackson-Milton Elementary event coordinators are excited for next year’s turn out.