NHS Penny Drive


Elizabeth Pifer

National Honors Society, NHS, is a service organization for students who reflect leadership, community service, scholarship, and character. As part of their community service NHS put boxes in each classroom middle and high school for students and teachers to collect pennies to raise money for research for a cure and to help families with cost of treatment. NHS held a penny drive to raise money for leukemia and lymphoma society. Leukemia is a type of cancer that has blood-forming tissues including bone marrow. Lymphoma is cancer that affects the lymphatic system is the body’s disease-fighting network. It includes the lymph nodes, spleen, thymus gland, and bone marrow.

The penny drive started on March 5 and ended on March 16. From March 12 to March 16, the students were allowed to wear shorts to school for a dollar each day they wear them. The money that was raised for that was going towards the penny drive. Mrs Reyes is the teacher that is in charge of NHS who put together the penny drive and shorts week. The winner of the penny drive goes to Mrs. Yantes in the high school and Mrs. Willock in the middle school for having raised the most money. The winner will get the choice of a donut, bagel, or pizza party from NHS.