NHS hosts Father Daughter Dance


Dana Saunders

The bond between a father and a daughter is unique and like no other. It is very important to share special moments to help these bonds grow. The father/daughter tradition has been a huge part of many events over the years. The Father/Daughter Dance has been around for many years. Which originally started out at weddings when the bride and her father would share their special dance. Another trend started when schools began to have father daughter dances for elementary school kids.

The Jackson Milton Elementary School kids grades kindergarten through sixth grade, all have the opportunity to attend this dance. This was the third annual dance hosted at the Jackson-Milton High School. The dance is held in the cafetorium of the high school. The Jackson-Milton High School National Honor Society club hosted a father/daughter dance on February 23. The dance lasted three hours, starting at 6 pm and ending at 9 pm.

The National Honor Society members danced with the kids and helped with snacks, drinks, pictures, activities, and music. The kids and parents pay $35 for each couple, plus an extra ten dollars for any additional child in order to attend this dance. The girls get to dance with their fathers, take pictures, share a meal, and do other activities. The money raised from this event is donated to the Relay for Life when the NHS team attends the event.