New Class: Forensics


Rochelle Morelli


Hailey Clear

The new Forensics class is a science class where students get to learn about crime scene investigations. This class is run by Mr. Mohr, and is open to juniors and seniors for a science credit.

In previous years of having this class, the students have had people from the crime lab, police, FBI, etc. to come speak to them in class. Also in previous years the class has also gone on some field trips, ex: going to a morgue. In this class students are going to learn the key skills and ideas of crime scene investigating. Students will also be investigating their own crime scenes, made by Mr. Mohr, around the school. Once the weather gets better Mr. Mohr hopes to be able to make crime scenes for the students outside as well. The students also get to examine the evidence and learn how to identify things such as location, cause of death, etc.

The class will also learn how to properly handle evidence and crime scenes as to not contaminate any evidence and make it invalid. The class is mostly hands on and visual, rather than learning straight from a textbook and taking notes. Knowing this, the forensic class is good for any student who has a hard time focusing without a visual aspect. The current students are excited about being able to do all the fun activities that correspond to the class. So far the class has been entertaining all the students and they have been getting involved with their work.