Movie Review: Maze Runner

Dana Saunders

Maze Runner: The Death Cure came out on January 26, 2018 and is directed by Wes Ball. This is the third movie in the series and it will be the finale. The movie is rated pg-13 and consists of two hours and twenty-three minutes of fantasy and science fiction. Thomas (also known as Dylan O’Brien) escorts Gladers on their final and most dangerous mission. If they want to save their friends they must break into the Last City. The Last City is a controlled labyrinth that could turn into a deadly maze. If anyone were to make it out alive they will get answers to the questions that Gladers have been wondering since they have arrived at the maze. Thomas goes on a mission to try to find a cure for the deadly disease called “flare.”

At the end of book two, Thomas was left in a white room all by himself. He had just finished the scorch trials, people believe that he has the flare and that is why wicked has him isolated. Brenda works for wicked but she does not enjoy working for them. So she helps Thomas escape. Thomas and his friends go to see Hans to try to get their chips taken out. But wicked starts to control Thomas before they have a chance to get them out. Eventually Thomas and his friends break back into the maze to try and get answers on how to cure the flare.