JM High School students churn out a fun lesson with Healthy Living


Eric Ostrowski, Staff Writer

This past week, the Healthy Living classes went to the Jackson-Milton Elementary School to work with the first graders on making butter.

Mrs. Barnes took her 3rd and 5th period classes down to the elementary school to read to the kids and make butter with them. The classes taught them how to make butter from scratch, which is “the old fashioned way.”

Some high school students read The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss, which was a book about two groups of people battling over which side you should put butter on a toast, and others helped the little kids with the making of the butter.

The elementary students seemed to enjoy the time away from class, as they spent some time making and tasting their newly created product. The purpose of the journey to the elementary school was to let the high school students interact with the elementary school students and to teach the elementary students about how butter used to be made. Also, the kids were entertained by a classic Dr. Seuss book.

When asked about how working with the elementary school students went, Anthony Eppendorfer said “The experience was exhilarating. It was a good use of time. There were a ton of kids there so it was loud at times but a lot of fun.”

Mrs. Barnes organized the event and said it was “very entertaining to work with all of the kids. It was a handful with all of them there but we were able to make it work. I hope they enjoyed it and took something away from the experience.”

She hopes that she can take classes there again to work with the younger students.