Student Council: The votes are in!

Eric Ostrowski, Staff Writer

With a new school year upon us, the hectic nominating and voting of new class officers has started up again. The final results are in for every grade and for the student council officers. The results are as follows:

SENIOR OFFICERS: President- Katie Rago, Vice President- Tiffany Voland, Secretary- Clayton Maskarinec, Treasurer- Maggie Garland, Student Council Representatives- Eric Ostrowski, Jenna Seka, Travis Tikkanen, and Johnathon Voland

JUNIOR OFFICERS: President- Josh Spalding, Vice President- Najeh Mufleh, Secretary- Brooklyn Gallant, Treasurer- Kobie Southwick, Student Council Representatives- Michaelina Terranova and Haley Lengyl

SOPHOMORE OFFICERS: President- Gracie Assion, Vice President- Ashley Cameron, Treasurer- Chloe Clear Secretary- Marina Karch, Student Council Reps- Hanna Burnside and Hannah Pietro

FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: President- Dominic Scandy, Vice President- Rachael Lanham, Secretary- Alyssa Deak, Treasurer- Kent Gross, Student Council Representatives- Kaylie Carson and Hunter Nitzsky

STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: President- Tiffany Voland, Vice President- Katie Rago, Secretary- Maggie Garland, Treasurer- Brooklyn Gallant, Student Council Representatives- Jenna Seka, Michaelina Terranova, and Eric Ostrowski
All of the students elected will help run the blood drive, help organize homecoming, help organize events within their respective grades, and help organize events within the school. Congratulations to everyone, and good luck this year!