Mason Mercer, Staff Writer

STEM programs are a big thing and new to many school districts.  STEM programs give the students a chance to learn about career fields and other options for life. It can inform students on things like how to 3D print or how to run and work some computer programs.

One STEM class here at JM is Additive Manufacturing, it is a class where students are given projects to create a 3D printed object and to learn how to run the program and create different shapes and objects. One of the projects that the students were given was to create a small key chain. They were allowed to create any object they wanted from a sports team or a logo to something school related.

Another stem class at JM is Environmental Sustainability, in this class students learn about the environment. They learn how to create a healthier ecosystem and what impact companies and other business’s have on the environment. They learn about waste management and the types of buildings that can help the earth. They learn about green building and how to recycle plant matter and water while staying green using solar panel and other renewable resources for energy.

STEM programs help to prepare students for many of the technology-based careers available.  They also help them to decide if this is a career path they would like to continue on upon graduation.