The key to student success

Justin Rentz, Staff Writer

Being successful in the classroom is something that all students want. Good grades and overall success in the classroom is the start to a successful life. Learning to be a successful student is not hard; you just have to be willing to put in the work that is necessary. Many different classrooms require different things to be successful. For instance, one class may require a student to study more than you would in other classes. In a class like gym, you just have to have effort and you will be successful.

Steven Yuhas, a JMHS senior, said it quite simply when asked about success in the classroom. He said shortly, “study.” That one word is something that all students should take into consideration. Being successful in the classroom will help you to earn scholarships for college. It will also help you be successful in your future studies, whatever it may be.

Mrs. Reyes, adviser of National Honor Society, said, “A successful student is not one who only has the inner fortitude to gain knowledge and skills, but also utilize said knowledge and skills in the classroom.”

Mrs. Morelli said, “Students must realize that school is a stepping stone for college, your career, and life.  They need to take responsibility for their success now and put in the effort so they will develop good habits and become successful adults.”

Personally, I believe that you need to pay attention and go over what you have learned that day. Doing that, along with studying and practicing your work will bring you the success that you are striving for. It is all about putting in your effort.