Netflix original Movie Review: All the Freckles in the World

Sierra Smallwood

     The movie I reviewed was All the Freckles in the World (rating TV-14), focusing on a young boy named José Miguel. José is the new kid in school and nearly immediately develops a crush for a girl, Cristina Palazuelos, who is already in a relationship. José’s friends, Liliana and Rodrigo Malo, tell him to leave the couple alone, but José is desperate to be with Cristina, so he challenges her boyfriend, Kenji Matarazzo, to a soccer match. Kenji is a great soccer player and assured to beat José’s team. That is until José convincing another boy, Malo, to be on his team and with him they get to the final rounds up against Kanji, but Mali got hurt and can’t play. 

     After the game José accuses Kenji of cheating, Kenji says to meet him after school and they’ll fight for Cristina. Cristina begs José not to fight and when that doesn’t work, begs Kenji to go easy on him, as José’s younger than them. José gets punched in the face once and goes down, but when Cristina checks on him, they are attracted to one another and she chooses him.   Two weeks later and José tells Cristina he likes Liliana, his friend who had feelings for him earlier in the movie…if you want to know how it ends, you’ll have to watch the movie!

     For one thing, I like how even though he lost the soccer match and the fight Cristina chose him. I also like the realistic way they portray young love and how fleeting and changing it is. I also like how the movie ends with José falling for another girl he doesn’t know much about. I was not a fan the English voice over, as when the words being spoken and the words we hear don’t match up, it makes me uncomfortable. Other than that, it’s a fun little feel good movie about this boy’s obsessions with finding love.